Tuesday, December 4, 2018

November fun!

Here is one of our last posts for 2018!

Check out what we were up to in November! Our life in photos....ENJOY!

Leyton had a "Halloween" party at Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practice! (he went as a jiu-jitsu fighter!)
At the beginning of November, Bruce was invited to be a part of a relay run team from San Jose to Puntarenas (over 100 miles total)

Bruce was the 7th leg and ran through the night

Crossing finish line as a team!

Normal....lazy dogs
 Bruce and Leyton have been working on a father-son project of building a drift trike. This is what they have so far--they are missing a few parts, especially the rear axle!

A boy can dream!

Since August, the kids have been working on earning their own money for when we go to Universal Studios in December. They did odd jobs and helped around the house to earn $1 for $1 up to $100! They completed it and now have the right to buy whatever they want with their $100!

Both of them with their completed Universal Bucks!

Our friends' got a kitten....and Emme was in love!

Emme started playing volleyball on a league with Hope Ministries. She has only been to a couple of practices, but she is smitten!

Emme at practice
 She also graduated from Infantil swimming team to Juvenil (juniors to teens). Which also means that she will move from indoor competitions to "open swim" competitions.

Emme with her certificate

 They enjoyed a pizza party and promotion ceremony to end the 2018 swimming year!

The Infantil group with Coach Checho

Emme also celebrated her birthday with her fellow students for their semi-annual birthday celebration

The July-December birthday kids
 One night we got to enjoy dinner and a show. The kids were continuing their game of chess while finishing dinner! It was fun to watch them strategize!

Dinner and a show!

Leyton got to see El Toro Loco when we were driving home one night! So big!

The end of November also marked the 6th grade graduation trip for Emme. Her and I went to the Punta Leona for 3 days and 2 nights. We had a good time and got to do a lot of fun stuff with her class mates!

Beach time with some of the girls!

Posing on the tree

Pointing to a rainbow while they were walking on the beach

They had a bon fire!

Us at the beach!

The moon and the bon fire!

Our room

Emme in her graduation t-shirt

The kids played volleyball

Just a normal day waking up!

A visitor by the pool!

 The kids finished out their 2018 school year with a Christmas party!
Aren't they cute!

Leyton's class on the last day of school!

Leyton went to a birthday party to play "fut-pool" soccer-pool with your feet. It was pretty cool!

Leyton playing fut-pool

We always do Thanksgiving here at the AP and we always do it good! We had 2 deep fried turkeys and lots of fixin's!
So much yummy food!

Also on Thanksgiving Day, we said good bye to one of our kids/friends in the Children's homes. Yamil left with his family after spending Thanksgiving lunch with us! Bittersweet!
Yamil and Emme

At the end of November, the church, La Comunidad Cristiana El Faro celebrated it's anniversary with a special church service!

Awesome at night!

And we finished out the month with yet another birthday party for one of Leyton's friends. It was a pool party!
The boys in the pool!

November was a busy month for our family--and we are so thankful for you to share it with us!


the crawfords

Mt Pisgah Family Team, GA

At the beginning of July, we welcomed back Mt. Pisgah UMC Church from Atlanta. This trip was a family trip and we welcomed lots of new faces. It was so nice to catch up with friends and to meet new friends.

The best part is that our kids were on mid-year break, so they got to hang out with the kids that came on this trip, so it was an absolute blast for them!

Check out their week!

Mt Pisgah Family Team

Bruce had the girls going crazy with his silly games!

We got to love on one of the girls from the Children's Homes. She came back with her mom for her 15th birthday party. It was so good getting to see her again!

Angela, Janie and me
 On Sunday, the team got to eat lunch and hang out and play with the Children's Homes kids.

All the kids playing with chalk
 The half of the team worked in the daycare doing activities with the Daycare.

Mom and son talking with the kids doing the activity! How sweet!

Activities are for ALL the kids!

Hands on!

Keeping all the kids engaged!
 Of course, we had the team up to our house for dinner. It was a big team, but we squeezed everyone in where ever we could! It was a full house!

The men, trying to look important

The kids and the interns

The team on the back porch

The other half of the back porch

Even the young team members lead the groups of kids! So awesome!

The team also went to La Carpio to serve in the feeding ministry and do activities with the kids. Mt Pisgah has been involved with the La Carpio church from almost the very beginning. It is always nice to be a part of the reunion time and to get to see more and more people from Mt Pisgah experience Pastor James and Cristina and La Carpio first hand.

The whole team and the ladies from La Carpio

For their fun day, the team went to Tortuga Island.....this was the only picture I took....

....but we really did have a GREAT time!

Some of the kids going out on the banana boat!

The kids LOVED hanging out with all of the kids on the team! It was good for their hearts and for ours as well.

Leyton and Sheppard got along great!

All the Mt Pisgah girls with Emme--and Pastor Pedro in the back!

We are so thankful for this church and this team!

the crawfords

June Fun!

Check out what we were up to in June!  Enjoy our life through photos!

Bruce got to love on a little girl in La Carpio--fell right asleep on him!

The kids got to be a part of a water fight and water balloon fight with one of the teams!

I got selfied--I--I left my phone for my husband to do this! UGH!

I caught the peacock at the kids' school with the tail open!

This is our normal view while driving around town--mountains! And there wasn't much traffic!

Took the kids to get some ice cream after school!

Not sure what is wrong with Bruce's face! haha
I went with the daycare kids on a field trip to the Chocolate Festival at the National Stadium. I went with the 2nd graders and helped herd them through the chocolate samples and tried not to give all the rest of the visitors many of our germs! haha
Thankfully they all had the same purple shirts on! Made it easier

The older kids are always so fun!

Mack and Leyton had their picture taken with a giant sloth!
During June, we hosted several teams, however Bruce and I only hosted one of them. So June was a month to get ready for the July VBS and the busy July season. But we still got to hang out with the teams.

Riverstone Church, GA

Can't even help someone out with a phone....selfie attack! The team from Holbrook, AZ

The cool car! One of our interns, Sean--the cool cat.
Here at the AP, we bury our dogs! And they like it!

In June, we welcomed a family that was thinking about going into missions full time.  They wanted to come as a family and stay longer than your normal missions trip.  Keith, Misty, Mack, Kallee and Kora were with us for 2 weeks. They got to see "normal" mission life and help us run a team for a week as well.

Kallee, Keith, Kora, Misty and Mack

We took them to the beach for the day!

Kora having fun at La Carpio

The Davis' with their host family

Kinda felt bad leaving them in the rain like this--but welcome to Costa Rica! They are all smiles--except maybe Keith!

June was a little on the accident prone side--with a whole lot of man training. Leyton fell at school and had to get a couple of stitches on his arm.

2 stitches closed up the deep wound.

What a trooper!

Bruce was using a sledgehammer to break up some concrete and a chunk of concrete came back and hit him in the face. A swollen lip and a rush to have x-rays done on the teeth (everything was good!)

Busted lip, bruised gums but all in all ok
 In June the kids participated in an Art Festival with the theme of Mexico. Emme drew a day of the dead memorial and Leyton made a Lego structure (I can't find the picture of his!)
Emme putting finishing touches on her drawing
 I finally got my braces, well the top half! My husband blessed me with these....I have been waiting over 25+ years for them!

First night of braces--didn't eat for a few days and lost a couple of pounds!

 We got to take our goodest friend out for coffee while she was here for her mission trip! Always a blessing to hang out with Kristin!

Isn't she just the cutest!

Our friend David graduated from Traffic school and officially became a Transit police! We are so proud of him!

Bruce and David

Look at those cuties!!!

Thank you for checking out our blog! As always, share with anyone!

in HIM <><

the crawfords